The assessment of workers’ exposure to mechanical vibrations is regulated by Decree-Law no. 46/2006 and applies to the activities of the private, cooperative and social sectors, central, regional and local public administration, public institutes and other legal persons governed by public law, as well as self-employed workers.

The pathway for vibrations to enter the human body is through the hand-arm and whole body system.

It is necessary to carry out in situ measurements whenever an exposure limit value is exceeded, the risk assessment will be carried out every two years.


To assess the compliance of the legal indices required by Decree-Law no. 46/2006, we determine through in situ measurements:

  • exposure of the whole body to vibrations;
  • the exposure of individuals to vibrations transmitted by the hand-arm system.
    Standards: NP EN ISO 2631-1: 2007 and NP EN ISO 5349-1 and 2: 2009
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In situ measurements
In order to assess the quality and acoustic conformity of buildings, the environment and workplaces, we carry out the following measurements in situ:

  • sound insulation to aerial sounds (DnT, w);
  • sound insulation to aerial façade sounds (D2m, nT, w);
  • sound isolation to percussion sounds (LnT, w);
  • sound pressure levels of building equipment (LAr, nT);
  • reverberation time (T).
  • sound pressure levels – Long-term average sound level;
  • sound pressure levels – discomfort criterion;
  • exposure to noise during work;
  • exposure of workers to vibrations.