The constant exposure to noise in the workplace, without considering the preventive measures of Health and Safety, stipulated in the national legislation, Decree-Law 182/2006, can cause symptoms of irritability, headaches, lack of concentration, deafness, incapacity for work, among other health problems.

Decree-Law 182/2006 establishes the general framework for the protection of workers against the risks arising from exposure to noise during work and applies within the scope of activities of the private, cooperative and social sectors, of the central, regional public administration and local, public institutes and other legal persons governed by public law, as well as self-employed workers when subjected to a certain level of noise during their daily activity, at their jobs.

In situ measurements are required annually, whenever the upper share value is reached or exceeded [≥ 85 dB (A)].


To assess the compliance of the legal indices required by Decree-Law 182/2006, we determine through in situ measurements:

• the exposure of the worker to noise during work and we dimension, if necessary, the ear protectors to be adopted by the workers. Standard: NP EN ISO 9612: 2011